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Requirements to Study in USA

The US embassy primarily offers three types of Student visas: F1, M1, and J1. Most probably, the visa type you will need would be an F1 student visa. F1 Visa allows international students to complete their academic studies in the USA. M1 is for non-academic or vocational courses, and the J1 is for those international students who want to participate in the government-recognized cultural exchange programs.

Eligibility Criteria

Moreover, no fixed guidelines are for students for entry requirements in USA institutes. But for admission, the following documents must be considered carefully.

For Undergraduates

  • High School Diploma and Transcripts
  • Bank Letter with Adequate funds
  • Affidavits of financial support
  • Passport Copy
  • I20 (After acceptance)
  • Adequate funds for fee submission

For Graduates

  • Bachelor's Degree + Transcripts (4 years of study)
  • Bank Letter with Adequate funds
  • Affidavits of financial support
  • Passport Copy
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Resume
  • I20 (After acceptance)
  • Adequate funds for fee submission
Apply for Study Visa for USA
Apply for Study Visa for USA | Pyramid eServices

How to Apply for Study Visa for USA

USA Study Visa Process

Almost every International Student wants to do a part-time job while studying. Due to day-to-day expenses, it has become necessary for students to work along with their studies. During the part-time job, students learn many things like Time Management, Work culture, etc. Students can find part-time jobs like Payroll Administrator, Part Time Advisor, Faculties Support and Care Assistant, etc.

  • Pay fee of SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System)
  • Pay the visa fee.
  • Then, complete the application form of visa
  • Book an appointment for a visa interview
  • Finally, attend the interview for a visa.

The team of Pyramid will help you throughout the process by giving proper assistance.

Work while Study in USA

Earn while Studying

Part-Time work opportunities in the US can help you to earn enough to meet your daily expenses. It is also a great way to build a professional network and familiarise yourself with the American work culture. Although working part-time may not be enough to support entirely, it can certainly help to lower the cost. Internship work experience will undoubtedly look good in your resume.

However, you can't directly go out and get any desirable job as an international student. There are some rules that students must follow. Before you start finding a job in the USA as a student, contact your Designated School Official (DSO). Then, DSO will guide you throughout the procedure of applying for a Social Security Number, which is required for all students working in the US, and help you through various steps.

Employment Opportunities:

There are four ways for International Students to work legally in the US on an F1 (student) visa:

Work while Study in USA

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Business Partners in USA

Universities and Colleges in USA
S. No. Institution Name
1MSOE (Milwaukee School of Engineering)
2Sacred Heart University
3San mateo College of Silicon Valley
4University at Albany
5University of California River Side
6Westcliff University
7Florida International University
8National University
9Ashland University
10George Fox University
11California Baptist University
12Pittsburg State University
13Lawrence Tech University
14University of Washington
15Florida International University College of Engineering and Computing
16Gwynedd Mercy University
17Slippery Rock University
18Morehead State University
19Montana State University , Billing
20Florida International University (ECE - Masters)
21Missouri Western State University
22Concordia University
23Lincoln University
24Webster University
25Florida Polytechnic (Chicago)
26university of Tennessee Chattanooga
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