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Education System in Canada

Education in Canada is the responsibility of its provinces and territories, and it can be divided into primary, secondary, and post-secondary education. From elementary school to university and beyond, Canada’s university quality assurance system ensures that its students earn knowledge of the highest standard.

Providing educational opportunities to international students is a matter of great importance to Canada. In fact, under Canada’s International Education Strategy 2019-2024, the federal government, in collaboration with the provinces, territories, associations, and institutions, will be spending $147.9 million over the five years to strengthen it as a top study destination.

Many internationally recognized graduate-and-post-graduate-study programs are available across the country in both urban and rural regions. Canadian Degrees and diplomas are valued worldwide. Here are the qualifications that you can obtain in Canada.

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Cost of studying and living in Canada

The most important factors influencing the decision to study abroad are the cost of study and living. Luckily, studying in Canada is affordable! Canadian institutions provide quality education at lower tuition fees than other English-speaking countries such as the UK and the USA. Similarly, the cost of living in Canada is also low. The cost of living depends on many factors, including transportation, housing, health cover, food, and other personal expenses.

Work while Study in Canada

One of the most significant benefits of studying in Canada is that you can work part-time to support your living. Working part-time not only can you earn money but also gain valuable job experience. Moreover, You do not need to apply for a work permit for this. However, make sure that it is explicitly mentioned in your study permit that you are allowed to work part-time in Canada.

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if you are coming to Canada for studies, then the following points may come handy.

Pack essentials

The most important things you will need include your student visa, passport, college admission papers, Educational certificates, and photocopies. Pack essential medicine, phone, or laptop that you might need. Before packing clothes, google the temperature range of the region and then wrap the clothes accordingly. Choose the clothes that have extra lining and that you can mix and match.

Search for accommodation

If possible, try to find housing before coming to Canada. On the internet, many websites are dedicated to student accommodation, which may help you find accommodation as per your needs. the type of accommodation you may get includes Student residence, Shared apartments, Individual apartments, paying guests, etc. You can also choose to stay on Campus.

Organize your finances

In the initial days, you will probably need more money for various purposes such as accommodation, phone, travelling, etc., for the fulfilment of which your GIC return will come handy. however, it would help if you spent it wisely.

How Pyramid eServices will help you

  • You will get free career counseling to choose the right career path.
  • Next, it will be our responsibility to submit your application to your chosen institute to get your offer letter. During the procedure, we will remain in touch with the institute on your behalf to keep track of your application.
  • Next, we will help you pay your admission fee and fulfill other financial requirements such as GIC.
  • After that, we will take care of every aspect of facilitating your Canadian student admission for you. We will remain in touch with the embassy for any updates and inform you accordingly.
  • Further, you will get pre-departure guidance so that you experience a hassle-free journey and build a bright career abroad.
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