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How to Apply for Study Visa for Ireland

Ireland Study Visa Process

International degrees have gained craze among youth minds because of its education system, multicultural experience, quality education and better living standards. If you are interested in studying abroad, obviously Ireland would be the best option for getting a higher education and International degree.

Students must read the visa application details very carefully before applying for an Irish study visa. Visas can be refused in the absence of required documentation. The following points must be remembered while applying for an Irish student visa.

The following points must be remembered while applying for an Irish student visa:-

  • Fill the application form carefully
  • Check the details of the Irish Embassy
  • Ensure the validity of the passport
  • Pay the application fee
Apply Study Visa for Ireland
Work while Study in Ireland

Work while Study in Ireland

Earn while Studying

There are many reasons to choose Ireland for higher study, but work opportunities are a different matter. Job prospects ought to be considered as this is the way which can make it easier to pay for the living or tuition expenses and students can gain some work experience also.

Part-time work in Ireland can only support your everyday costs as it is not enough to fund your studies and stay. Ireland offers work opportunities to International students during their study to cut their daily expenses. Allowed working hours may vary in some conditions. Usually, 20 working hours/week are allowed to International Students in Ireland.

  • International students in Ireland get 40 working hours per week during June, July, August and September.
  • On regular days, students get 20 working hours per week.
  • Students eligible for part-time work during the study are granted Visa Stamp 2.
  • The students who don't get part-time work opportunities get the Visa Stamp 2A.

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