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Why Indian students increasingly choosing the UK as their study destination

Despite the pandemic, Indian students saw a significant increase in the number of UK Tier 4 study visa grants, which has gone up from 30496 to 44,992, for the year ending September 2020. According to the UK Home Office National Statistics, Indian students account for 26% of Tier 4 study visas, up 11% from the previous year. And it is expected that the number of study visa applicants from India will increase next year. Here are some of the possible reasons.

Top 5 countries granted Sponsored study (Tier 4) visas


YE September 2019

YE September 2020


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Hong Kong





United States











Although no one in the world has remained untouched by the epidemic, and it is a matter of great concern for Indian students seeking to study abroad, the UK government has taken several steps to protect the health and safety of international students, which includes providing guidance on immigration, accommodation and attending classes. The UK's National Health Service (NHS) is available to all international students. The Immigration health surcharge cost, £470 per year, is mandatory and included in student visa applications. No charge is levied on international students, except for some exceptions, including prescription costs in England.

Likewise, under the government's guidance, the UK universities have prepared robust plans to provide a safe study environment. They have also implemented Covid-19 Support Services for international students, including airport pick up, quarantine, food, etc.

Quality Education

It is a well-known fact the UK is home to some of the best-known universities in the world. As a matter of fact, QS in its world university ranking has given place to 84 of UK universities in its world university rankings 2021. Out of them, four are in the top ten.

Shorter study programs

Unlike other study destinations where it may take upto 4 years to complete a bachelor's and 2 years to complete masters, one can complete graduation in 3 and post graduation in 1 year in the UK, enabling international students to save both time and money.

Post-study work rights

Post-study work rights are another significant reason international students choose the UK as their study destination. The UK government has announced that a Graduate Route will be available to international students by summer 2021, enabling them to stay there for 2 years and explore work opportunities. International PhD students will be able to remain for 3 years. Importantly, students who are already studying there and whose graduation would complete in or after summer 2021 will also benefit from it.

In fact, the UK qualification can open doors to job opportunities anywhere in the world. The UK government has recently replaced the Tier 4 study visa route with the new points-based student visa route. Therefore, It is highly recommended that students who are aspiring to study in the UK take guidance from pyramid eServices visa experts before applying. Students can contact us by calling at 92563-92563 or visiting any of our branches.

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