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Study in NewZealand

New Zealand is one of the best study destinations for international students. The educational institutes of this country are internationally acknowledged and are considered by the top employers in the world. Along with this, the teaching standards of the country are known for its excellence and students can benefit from the small class size, which helps the teacher to pay attention on each and every individual. Moreover, the teaching style of the country is such that they focus on practical and theoretical knowledge both and prepares students for the corporate world.

Benefits of Studying in New Zealand

Following are the benefits of studying in New Zealand:

  • It gives you an opportunity to intensify your listening, negotiation, decision-making, verbal, non-verbal skills because you will get to share your ideas with people all over the world.
  • There is the option of multiple intakes and part time jobs for international students.
  • There is the opportunity for the spouse to migrate with the partner. Once you get Permanent Residence of New Zealand, your child can study on domestic tuition fee.
  • You can stay back in New Zealand after the completion of your study program and continue your job in the country.
  • There are eight universities from New Zealand which are considered among the top 500 universities in the world.
  • There is comparatively low crime rate in New Zealand.

Education System in New Zealand

Following educational institutes comprises of the tertiary education in New Zealand.

  • Universities in New Zealand

There are total 8 universities which are funded by the state and more than 600 private universities. These universities offer degrees at various different levels, i.e. undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD level. Following are the main characters of these universities:

  1. The main aim of these universities is to grow intellectual independence.
  2. Their teaching and research depends on each other and mostly the one with advance knowledge are given the post of lecturers.
  3. They are known for their international standards of learning.
  • ITPs

These institutes provide vocational and technical courses. It is completely dependent upon the practical learning which one gains in a working environment. Courses are usually taught in workplaces like hospitals, workshops, studios, etc. And after the completion of course, one gets the certificate related to the industry work experience.

  • Wananga

It is an institute which offers education in Maori context. It provides different programs of various level, i.e. certificates, bachelor, diplomas, doctorate level, etc. These educational institutes are famous for teaching all about Maori people.

Process to apply for study visa for New Zealand

If you wish to study in New Zealand, then the first step is to apply for acceptance letter from the university you want to attend. It is important to start with the process as soon as possible because the universities start accepting applications in August. The application process varies with the educational institute you will be attending. We will discuss about the process of applying for higher studies in the educational institutes of New Zealand.

  • You need to prepare your personal statement explaining why you want to study in the university you have selected and not in your home country. Also what are your future plans after the completion of your studies.
  • Your transcripts from secondary school and the course you did after schooling.
  • Report of the test which you have appeared like SAT, ACT, etc. depending upon the requirement of the university and the program you are applying for.
  • Proof of funds which is the major requirement if you are applying for a study visa.
  • You will be charged fees while applying for acceptance letter which can cost anywhere between NZ $25 to NZ $50 . But there are chances of getting a waiver as well, especially if you are sending your transcripts via courier.


It is mandatory to keep a check at the following checklist before traveling to New Zealand on study visa.

  • It is very important to consider your financial requirements before travelling.
  • You should schedule your classes and arrange your books.
  • Make sure that all your paperwork has been approved.
  • Make sure about the first day of your class.


There are many things which you need to arrange before traveling. First of all you should consider about your accommodation because it can cause you additional stress and wastage of time.

  • Always pre-arrange someone to pick up. It can be done by a representative from your university, a taxi or a friend.
  • Arrange a vehicle that you will be using after arrival.
  • Make sure to arrange your accommodation. So that you do not have to wait for the considerable amount of time to get a place to live.
  • Most of the international students prefer to live as a paying guest with family. Therefore, make your accommodation arrangement beforehand and inform your landlord about when you will be arriving.
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