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About Canada

Canada is one of the most fascinating destinations for International Students.They have put Canada at the top of the list because of the high academic rankings, affordability, plenty of job opportunities after graduation, safe and secure environment, vibrant cultural life and its geographic beauty. The country has been ranked high as the best place to study, work, visit and invest. More than 200,000 international students and researchers choose to continue their education in Canada each year.

Canada provides a safe, welcoming and multicultural environment for everyone. There are more than 200 languages spoken all around the country, therefore it is known as the premiere language training destination as one can enhance his or her language skills.

Requirements for

Canadian Study Visa

More than 3,50,000 International Students select Canada for Higher Education every year. Getting Offer Letter from Canadian University or college is not the only hurdle that one has to cross. The student also needs a visa to enter and continue their stay during their study program. If the duration of selected course is more than six months, then it is mandatory for students to get Canadian Student Permit. To apply for a Student Visa, student needs list of documents which are key components of the Application process:

Valid Passport

  • A valid passport is required to apply for a Student Visa.
  • Passport validity must cover the students stay in Canada during the study program.

Proof of Acceptance Letter

  • Once the student has decided the University or College for studies, then he must apply for Acceptance Letter there. The letter consists of DLI number, i.e. Designated Learning Institution Number.

Proof of Funds

  • As per current scenario, the student needs to show proof of funds required to pay tuition fee as well as for living expenses. Canadian Immigration asks students to have at least $10,000 for their day to day expenses.

Passport Sized Photographs

  • For offline applications, two passport sized photographs are required. For online applications, digital passport sized photographs not more than 4 MB is required.
  • The size of the image should be at least 35mm*45mm.
  • It should have a plain background.

Immigration Medical Examination (IME)

  • Students who are applying for Canada Study Visa needs to undergo Immigration Medical Examination from selected Doctors. Students should get a medical examination, preferably a week before they start their Visa Application. The tests may include chest X-Rays and Laboratory tests.

Statement of Purpose

  • While applying for Canada Study Visa, students need to submit an Essay stating the purpose of the visit and reason for selecting particular institution.

Credit Card

  • In case of online Application, the Application fee is paid by Credit Card as the Debit Cards are not accepted by the system. The visa fee for Canada is CAD $ 150.

Canadian Education System

The education system in Canada is comprised of both publicly funded and private schools which include community colleges, technical institutes, career colleges, secondary schools, language schools, universities and colleges. Canada invests a lot in its Educational System, in fact, it is considered among the top three countries of the world in terms of spending per capita on its public post secondary education.

Canada's Post-secondary Education System is divided into following parts:

  • Certificate- for a year
  • Diploma- for one to two years
  • Advanced diploma- for two to three years
  • Bachelor degrees- for four years of full time study
  • Postgraduate diploma or certificate- for one to two years
  • Master's degree- for one to two years
  • Doctorate/PHD- for four to seven years

Academic Year

Most of the Educational Institutes start classes in the beginning of September or at the end of April. The winter classes usually start in between September to December and January to April while summer classes starts in between May and August.

Education Style

Canadian universities and Colleges offer high-quality education and as they are devoted towards the research so they also offer experimental education to the International Students. At university, students attend lectures as well as tutorials. Where 30 to 200 students attend lectures and 20 to 30 students attend tutorials provided by the professors. It helps them to have deeper discussions on the topic within a course.

Tuition Fee

Canada offers lowest tuition fee to the International Students as compared to the UK, the US, Australia and New Zealand. In Canada, the tuition fees would cost you around CAD$7,000 to CAD$30,000 yearly and varies with the course selected and the University or college. Generally, courses like engineering and medicine are more expensive than the courses like speaking, education, arts and humanities. Tuition fees for postgraduate programs is higher than undergraduate programs.

Study Visa Process

Counselling Session

We provide face to face counselling session with our experts who provide guidance about the study destination, courses and institutes.

Apply for Offer Letter

In this step we guide student about the documents required to apply for Acceptance Letter. And then these documents are issued to the Canadian University or College for Offer Letter.

Tuition Fee Payment and GIC

Once the Tuition Fee is paid we will apply for your GIC account number. GIC is the necessary requirement by the Embassy in which student deposits the living expenses in Nova Scotia Bank.

GIC Payment

After receiving the account number from Nova Scotia Bank, the living expenses are transferred in it.

File Lodge

After receiving the bank statement from Nova Scotia Bank we help students in preparing the file keeping in mind the embassy requirements.

About Pyramid eServices

The motive of Pyramid eServices is to counsel students to stay focused and positive for their goals. As the young generation is moving abroad for higher education, therefore Pyramid eServices took the responsibility towards our youth to educate them for transmission of civilization. Pyramid eServices was built to give guidance of the complete process and proceed the application with transparency. We have made a commitment to organize the whole process of study visa smoothly by hiring the best team. We have been acknowledged and certified by AIRC, ICEF and NAFSA which assures that the degrees provided to the students meet recognized international standards.

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