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If you are looking to study abroad, then Statement of Purpose is very important factor for the application process. SOP is an essay explaining your purpose to apply for a particular College or University. Generally, Colleges and Universities provide guidelines for students and SOP. Don't forget to mention your goal in it.

A good SOP can take you very close to the College which you want to target. Colleges or Universities read every SOP seriously so try to write an effective SOP instead of copying from internet.

Importance of

Statement of Purpose

Writing a good SOP is very important as Universities take it very seriously. Admission of any student in particular College or University depends on the SOP. It should be clear enough to describe your goals and achievements. The admission team judge the goals of students and support them to reach their goal. In the study visa application, It is an essential requirement with the documents. The details of your SOP act as a key to unlock the door of your admission. So, try to make your SOP simple, creative, catchy and effective.

Tips to write an effective SOP
  1. Do not copy the SOP content available on the internet.
  2. Don't write too long SOP. Try to finish it in 600-700 effective words.
  3. Explain the reason to get admission in particular course and its role for your future.
  4. Avoid grammar mistakes in SOP. Moreover, try to write short sentences.
  5. Don't act like over-smart by creating stories in SOP.
  6. Write your SOP in a conversational tone to make it interesting.
  7. Expert guidance can help you to write an effective SOP.
  8. Represent yourself indirectly through SOP, without speaking a word.
  9. Answer all the questions very honestly.
  10. Your SOP is your own story so write sentences as first person instead of writing in second/third person.
  11. Highlight your achievements (academic or extra-curricular).
What to include in SOP ?
  • Professional goal
  • Financial Background
  • Academic goal
  • Personal motivations
  • Reason to choose the particular course or College
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Achievements
What not to include in your SOP ?
  • Family background
  • Informal language or slangs
  • Irrelevant information
  • Repetition of words or phrases
Mistakes that students should avoid while writing SOP!

Usually, SOP is a statement of approximate 1000 words. Here are some common mistakes that students make while writing SOP.

  1. Do homework for your SOP instead of copy-pasting from the internet. Don't take risk for your SOP by leaving it for eleventh hour.
  2. Try to summarize your academic achievements and experience in one line that can reflect your overall personality. Avoid giving weak introduction as well as conclusion in SOP.
  3. Avoid using informal language or slangs in your SOP. Write your SOP in professional language.
  4. Don't exceed your word limit by creating stories. Use creative words to describe your goals and achievements and try to complete it in few words.
  5. Proofreading of SOP is compulsory as it can check spelling mistakes, incoherent flow and punctuation errors etc.
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