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Student life in Canada may become easy as time moves by and as the student is trying to adjust probably here are the difficulties an international student in Canada may face:

Adapting to the traditions and customs existing in Canada

This is bound to happen as the international student may be used to customs of his/her countries country of origin thereby causing adaptation to the new environment to become very difficult.


This without a doubt is experienced by all international students in various countries The feeling of having one's family away from them and close friends definitely interferes with the mental state of the student causing them to feel lonely. With time, the student adapts and is able to make new friends.

Language barrier

This mostly happens in the case where the international student studying in Canada is not able to communicate neither in English and French. This involves a lot of struggle and frustration in learning a language that will enable them to communicate with other students and Canadian citizens.

Here are some stages an international student studying may go through before they adapt:

The Honeymoon Phase

At this stage, excitement is still in the air, the excitement of meeting new people and being in a whole new environment. The student is practically worked out by the possibility of trying out new activities and gaining new experience.

The Hostility Phase

This occurs after a few days after the arrival. The feeling of boredom mainly brought about by being very far from family and old friends grows and the student feels like going back to his /her country of origin they feel like they have made a wrong choice and are generally disappointed.

The Acceptance Phase

At this stage, the student develops an 'I can make it attitude and begins to take the change of environment positively. They are able now to rise to the challenge of facing culture differences and begin making a lot of friends to make the feeling of loneliness go away. The international student gets rid of the thought of wanting to go back to their home country.

Adaptation Phase

This stage comes after the individual has phased out some differences and has fully adapted to the culture, weather, the language spoken and has made friends. The student is now able to do things independently without receiving directions or instructions from anyone.

In conclusion, adapting to life in Canada may be full of struggles but the stay in the country may also be a wonderful experience.

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