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How to write an effective SOP

SOP or Statement of Purpose is an optional document that you would require to get your Canada study visa. IRCC calls it a Letter of Explanation, and according to them, it helps the visa officer to understand you and your goals. They further recommend that "You should include this letter if you decide to apply for a study permit, even if you don't have to get a study permit for your program." The two primary goals of this letter are to explain why you want to study in Canada, and that you understand your responsibilities as a student.

Thousands of students apply to study in Canada every year. Therefore, this document becomes even more crucial as it introduces you to the authorities and can help them decide in your favor. Your positive or negative image depends on your way of writing SOP.

The same is in the case of SOP for University admission. Although the rules of University or College remain the same, your way of representing yourself can differentiate you from other students. Universities consider those students on priority who are sincere, and SOP can help you in reflecting on it.

Tips for writing an SOP

  1. Arrange all your information beforehand
  2. Choose your words and grammar wisely. Avoid repetition,
  3. write clearly, and precisely. Reading some quality SOPs before writing can help you in achieving your goals.

  1. Although there isn't any single formant, you should elaborate on your SOP in a structured way. You should include the reason you choose to study in Canada, the reason to select the specific course and its relevance to your background, study progression, and commitment to abide by as a responsible international student.
  2. Do not copy your SOP from the Internet. University authorities get students' SOPs daily. Therefore they have a pretty good idea of original ones.
  1. Adding quotes from famous authors may help in your SOP more effectively. However, you can avoid mentioning their names.
  2. Answer all the questions honestly.
  3. Always write your SOP in the first person.
  4. highlighting your academic achievements or extracurricular achievements helps, so make sure you mention them rightly.
  5. Be yourself. Avoid writing long stories
  6. Learn to portray yourself indirectly
  7. Use a conversational tone
  8. Taking expert guidance is always a good idea

What do's and don'ts to include in your SOP?

Writing a good SOP increases your chances of getting selected at your desired institution many times. It helps in differentiating you from others.

Students should include these things in their SOPs.

(a) Personal/ Financial Background

(b) Published Work (if any)

(c) Your failure in life

(d) Work experience (if any)

(e) Extracurricular activities (if any)

Students should not include these things in their SOPs.

(a) Family history

(b) Details of Academic projects

(c) Details of financial status

(d) Your accomplishments

Your SOP is the way to represent yourself, your goal to study abroad, so it must be clarifying enough to make you different from the crowd.

There are many other requirements that you will have to fulfill to get your Canada study permit, such as meeting financial, medical, and academic criteria. For this, we highly recommend you to meet our Canada visa experts. Pyramid has delivered over 30,000 visas in the last 15 years — Call 92563-92563 to get your Canada student Visa as soon as possible.

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