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A Guide for Indian Students travelling to Canada

Two major updates have cleared the way for Indian students to study in Canada. Firstly, Canada Visa Application Centers in India are open now for limited biometric submission. Students who have received a biometric instruction letter (BIL) from IRCC will be able to enroll their biometrics with a prior appointment at VAC from 2 December. Secondly, more and more Canadian universities and colleges with a Covid-19 readiness plan are being approved by their province or territory, which has enabled international students, including students from India, to travel to Canada to pursue their study programs.

The Canadian government has taken several measures to stop the spread of Covid-19. If you are travelling to Canada as an international student, make sure you follow the following points so that you will not face any difficulties after reaching there.

Your institution should have an approved Covid-19 readiness plan

First and foremost, make sure your university or college is on the list of Covid-19 readiness plan approved Designated Learning Institutions. Presently, students whose institutes are not on the list will have to wait until their institute's name is included in the list.

You must have a 14-day Quarantine Plan

Before travelling to Canada, make sure you have a 14-day quarantine plan. You will be required to demonstrate your plan to the PHAC Officer or Border Services Officer, based on which they will determine if you can enter Canada.

About 14-day Quarantine Plan

According to the Canadian emergency orders under the Quarantine Act, immediately after arriving in Canada, you must isolate yourself for 14 days whether you have symptoms of covid-19 or not. And, it will be your responsibility to have a suitable place to isolate.

Your quarantine plan should include

  • Your personal information
  • Flight and arrival details
  • Accommodation details including its type, city, and address
  • How you will get the necessary supplies like food, medicine, etc
  • How you will get from the airport to your self-isolation location

Use ArriveCAN to provide the mandatory information

As per Canadian government directives, all travellers must submit their information through ArriveCAN, which is available for iOS, Android, and online. You can submit your travel and contact information, quarantine plan, and COVID-19 symptom self-assessments.

Verify you have a valid study permit and supporting documents

  • a valid study Permit
  • a letter of acceptance from your university or college. Your institution must have an approved COVID-19 readiness plan.
  • a proof that you have sufficient funds to support yourself
  • a 14-day quarantine plan

Only travel if you feel well

The Canadian government has made it absolutely clear that anyone with covid-19 symptoms will not be allowed to board their flights to Canada. If you develop any related symptoms during air travel, tell the flight attendant or border services officer immediately.

Follow the instructions on arrival

After reaching Canada, you should follow all the instructions you may get from the authorities.

You must

  • wear a mask
  • provide required information
  • demonstrate your quarantine plans and answer eligibility and health screening questions,
  • complete additional health or quarantine plan assessments, if necessary

Following the Covid-19 guidelines is necessary

You must comply with all the covid-19 related quarantine guidelines. Not providing accurate information or violating the quarantine rules may lead to 6 months in prison and/or fines up to $750,000. If you break the rules, and it results in someone's death or severe injury, you may face penalties of up to $1,000,000 or 3-year imprisonment or both. Moreover, under the Contraventions Act, Canadian police can issue a ticket up to $1000 to you.

Pyramid eServices always strive to provide you with the most accurate and authentic information. However, as Indian and Canadian governments are introducing new rules to control the Covid spread, it is highly recommended that you visit the government website or consult with our visa expert before travelling to Canada. To apply for your study visa, call us at 92563-92563 or visit our nearest branch.

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