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Canada issues advisory for international students

Covid-19 has significantly impacted the flow of overseas education aspirants around the world. However, countries, as well as international universities and colleges, are trying their level best to safeguard the future of the students.

Canada is no exception; the Canadian government has issued an advisory to the concerned student representatives, such as Pyramid eServices, to guide their students on travelling for study Purposes. Some of the critical points of it are as follows.

Despite travel restrictions, you can go and study in Canada, provided you meet the conditions.

Effective March 18, 2020, as per the present government directives to safeguard the citizens of Canada, IRCC is denying entry to travelers who are not citizens or permanent residents of Canada. However, certain international students can still come to study in Canada if they have a valid study permit or were approved for a study permit on or before March 18.

On arrival, the students will have pass a health check conducted by airlines

The Canadian government has made it mandatory for all the travelers, including students, to get their health checked up when they arrive in Canada from the border services offices. After that, the students must isolate themselves for 14 days.

The students must have a plan to self-isolate themselves for 14 days

As per the government directive, the students must have a plan to self-isolate themselves for the recommended period. In addition to this, they must be aware of obtaining medical help in case they become sick.

It is highly recommended for students to prepare a detailed plan for the self-isolation period as, during this, they may not be able to meet other people for essential services such as groceries.

Students should follow the order. Otherwise, they may attract harsh penalties against them.

Students should NOT travel if they have no plan.

The government has asked the students to adhere to the following point before and during their trip. The students must

  • avoid spending time in large crowds or crowded areas
  • avoid contact with sick people, especially if they have a fever, cough, or difficulty breathing
  • be aware of the local situation and follow local public health advice
  • be sure to monitor their health, and if they become sick before or during their trip, they must avoid contact with others except to see a healthcare professional

Points to remember for students going to Canada

  • During the flight, if the student develops symptoms of illness, they must tell the border service providers as it is mandatory by the Canadian Law. It will be considered a crime if they do not do so.
  • Even if the students believed that they encountered someone having the symptoms, they must tell the authorities as it is also mandatory under the quarantine act.
  • In case, during the self-isolation, the student develops symptoms of the covid-19, the should
    • Continue to isolate themselves
    • Call the public health authorities of their province and follow the advice

While studying in Canada, students must

  • Keep monitoring their health for fever, cough, or difficulty breathing.
  • Call the public health authorities if they develop the symptoms.

Pyramid eServices is committed to providing the most authentic and accurate information to you. However, as the situation is changing rapidly, it is recommended that you contact our study visa experts for the latest updates.

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