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Australian Lifestyle

Australia is a liberal, diverse, multicultural and democratic nation which has warm climate and eye-catching landscape. Australians love outdoor so they have numerous parks with free Barbecues, beaches with lifeguards, camping grounds etc. The country has lot to offer but as a migrant there is much more to learn. There are many museums, galleries theatres, music scenes and restaurants through which one can explore country’s culture. Human Development Index (HDI) which is used to measure country’s development in terms of quality of life has been ranked Australia second in the world. Following are more factors which explains the Australian lifestyles.


All Australians are given following rights:

  • Despite of religion, all are given equal respect and dignity
  • Freedom of speech
  • Secular government
  • Equality for men and women
  • Equality of opportunity and law


There was a dramatic change in the Australian tradition after world war 2. Country’s culture is developed with Greek, Asian and many more cultures.

Housing and Apartment

First step which student has to take on reaching Australia is finding a place to live. The Student can easily search rented apartment through printed advertisements, newspapers, real estate agents and online as well. The Student should also consider his income before looking for a rented apartment. Following are the rules and regulations for renting:

  • Advance monthly payment.
  • A state government body called the Rental Tenancies Authority holds a bond and keeps it in an independent account. Once the bond is released, account pays interest to the tenant.
  • Sign a contract called Tenancy Agreement
  • Show personal reference.
  • Show 3 months pay slips.
  • Show 3 months bank statements.
  • Provide Identity proof.

Cost of Living

For financial preparation, it is important for a student to know the cost of living in Australia. It would vary depending upon the location, lifestyle and type of accomodation. Sydney is one of the most expensive cities in Australia and is ranked seventh in the list of world’s most homey cities for healthcare, infrastructure and education. It has extremplory weather, sandy beaches and outstanding outdoor lifestyle.

Melbourne is a cosmopolitan city with a number of restaurants and art exhibitions. Brisbane , Perth and Adelaide have much lower cost of living comparative to Sydney and Melbourne. House prices along with house renting across Australia vary a lot.

Transport and Community

Cities have got a good public transport system. It is easy, safe and inexpensive to travel around Melbourne by public transports like buses, ferries, trains and trams. One can use it to travel around parks, sporting venues, central business district, cultural and shopping centers. Taxi services are also available in almost all the cities and towns of Australia. There are more facilities of transports in major cities while there are only local bus services available in the regional areas. Students can check for student travel concessions and apply for monthly passes. International Students in Australia are allowed to drive their own vehicles if they have overseas driving licence.

Cost of living varies with living style and location. Australia’s government has provided a guide for weekly expenses.

  • Grocery: AUD$80 to $280 (Approx.)
  • Electricity & Gas: AUD$35 to $140 (Approx.)
  • Phone & internet: AUD$20 to $55 (Approx.)
  • Public transport: AUD$15 to $55 (Approx.)
  • Car after purchase: AUD$150 to $260 (Approx.)
  • Entertainment: AUD$80 to $150 (Approx.)

People and Culture of Australia

Shifting to Australia means moving towards opportunities. In Australia, the economy, population and opportunities are growing quickly as this nation is full of ebullience. Cities like Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth offers modern quality of life with every kind of service, work and fun.

Impressive Climate

Australia is blissful to have four distinct seasons all over the year. In spring, the air is refreshing, and the scenery of nature is energetic and colorful with millions of flowers flourishing. Summers in Australia are hot and winters are mild. Autumn’s come with fog and sublime leaves.


People from more than 100 countries have migrated to Australia making it one of the world’s most culturally diverse nation. There are a large number of study choices for International Students with over 1,200 institutions and 22,000 programs to choose from.

People of Australia

Roughly today’s population of Australia is 24 million. The vast openness of the country means that it has the lowest population density in the world, i.e. only two people per two square kilometers. Almost of the Australian residents were born outside Australia and many are first or second generation Australians, who have migrated to Australia and helped in creating a distinct Australian identity and spirit.

Although Australia is primarily christian country, with about 64% of all Australians recognized as Christians, so there is no formal state religion. People here are free to follow any religion of their choice as long as they are not disobeying the law.

Languages in Australia

There is no official language in Australia, but the majority of people speak English as a first language. Australian English has a different pronunciation and lexicons because people from more than 200 nations around the world have migrated here. Along with this Mandarin, Arabic, Italian, Greek and Cantonese are also spoken here.

Australian Culture

Australia has a western culture which is derived from Britain and influenced by the eccentric geography of Australia. It has a multicultural society where initial population was made up of migrants. There was a heavy migration from Europe, especially from Italy, Germany, Netherland, Lebanon, Turkey, Yugoslavia and Greece after world war two. During the last 30 years, Australia was tolerant to its immigration policy and also opened its borders in South East Asia.

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