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Higher Education Simplified

Bachelors Level

Students who complete 12th or its equivalent typically enroll in graduate-level qualifications, such as bachelor's degrees, diplomas, certificates, etc.

Masters Level

Students, who complete a bachelor's degree or its equivalent, typically enroll in postgraduate qualifications, such as Master's degrees, postgraduate diplomas, certificates, etc.

Doctorate Level

A doctorate is the highest level of academic degree typically taken by students who have completed a Master's.


How it works

Create a Profile | Pyramid eServices

Create a Profile

Create a single profile and apply it to institutions of your liking. Yes, that's true! You can apply to multiple institutions with a single profile.

Choose your Dream Program and Institution | Pyramid eServices

Choose your Dream Program and Institution

Select your institution and study program according to your interest or academic profile

Submit Your Application | Pyramid eServices

Submit Your Application

Complete your profile by uploading the documents and paying the application fee. Pyramid's admissions team will ensure that your application is complete and submitted in time to maximize your chances of getting admitted.

Get your Letter of Offer | Pyramid eServices

Get your Letter of Offer

Once reviewed by the institution, if permissible, you will receive an initial offer letter. The offer letter may be conditional or unconditional. Complete the steps in the letter to accept the offer.

Submit Your Application | Pyramid eServices

Pay Your Tuition and GIC deposit

Follow the instructions in the offer letter and pay the tuition fees to confirm the offer. You may also require to deposit GIC if you are to study in Canada.

Submit Your Application | Pyramid eServices

Get your Acceptance Letter

Once you complete all the steps in the offer letter, including tuition fee payment, you will receive an Acceptance Letter from your university/college. The Acceptance Letter is an important document required for the study visa process.

Submit Your Application | Pyramid eServices

Start Your Visa Process

Pyramid's study visa experts will assist you throughout your study visa process and ensure that you get your visa on time.

Submit Your Application | Pyramid eServices

Fly to your dream destination

Once you get a study visa, inform the pyramid team. Get the pre-departure advice and then fly to your dream destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You’ve Any Questions?

Why should I Study Abroad?

Studying abroad is becoming increasingly popular as it brings opportunities to grow personally and professionally. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will give you a unique opportunity to learn and work with people from different countries, mindsets, religions, and ethnicities, helping you become a true global citizen.

Where should I study?

Choosing the right study destination depends on several factors that may include personal choice, study and research opportunities, post-study work rights, PR opportunities, availability of funds, etc. Indeed, there is no straightforward answer to it, but you can always contact our visa experts to choose the best option that suits you.

How much will it cost to study abroad?

The cost of studying abroad varies greatly depending on the country you choose, where you study, i.e., university or college, what program you opt for and its duration, your accommodation cost, etc.

Keep in mind that based on your study visa, you may also be required to keep a certain amount of money in your bank when you travel to study abroad.

The bright side is that you can reduce costs by working part-time alongside your studies, as most top study destinations allow international students to do so.

Why should I apply through Pyramid eServices to study abroad?

Pyramid eServices is a pioneer in the study abroad industry with 16 years of experience, 30000 study visa success stories, and a vast network of over 350 universities and colleges located in Canada, the UK, the USA, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and other top study destinations. Moreover, Pyramid worked with the District Bureau of Employment and Enterprise under the Punjab government administration to make the youth aware of foreign study and work opportunities.

What documents do I need to get admission?

You may need to provide different documents depending on the admissions policy of the university/college you are applying to. The most required documents include passports, academic transcripts, and proof of English language proficiency.

What is the difference between the Offer Letter and the Letter of Acceptance?

An offer letter is an initial letter issued to a student, and it usually contains an offer for admission to a specific program and the steps to accept the letter and pay the fees. Once the student takes the specified steps and submits the fee, they are issued an acceptance letter, which along with other documents, is required to obtain a study permit from the embassy.

What is a DLI?

DLIs in Canada are Designated Learning Institutions that have the approval to host International students. Every DLI has a DLI number. The list of all the DLIs is available on the official website of Canada.

Are all the programs offered by a DLI eligible for the Post Graduate Work Permit?

No. Not all the programs offered by a DLI are eligible for PGWP. To know which programs of a specific university/college are eligible for PGWP, please check with our counselors or visit the IRCC website.

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