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BathSpa University - Locksbrook Campus Bath , Somerset
  • Duration: 6 Semester
  • Discipline Arts and Humanities
  • Program Level: Bachelor's Degree
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  • Min IELTS overall: 6.0 (Min Reading: 5.5 , Min Writing: 5.5 , Min Listening: 5.5 , Min Speaking: 5.5 )

Our practical International Relations course lets you explore the complexities of the contemporary world through an examination of the mechanisms for, or absence of, international governance; issues around security, economics, and globalisation; and the ways in which we attempt to solve world problems through politics, aid or art. You'll examine the structures and practices of international relations – from the high ideals of the post-1945 settlement to the different realities of local and national politics, governmental ambitions, and corporate power. International Relations goes beyond concepts of the state and the formal interactions between governments and government agencies. You’ll also consider the interplay of local, regional and international events and perspectives, and the ways in which "international relations" are shaped as much on the ground as they are in the UN Security Council or the International Court of Justice. This might encompass the work of NGOs or the impact of "soft diplomacy", or the interconnected communities of writers, artists and performers and their contribution to campaigns against international inequalities and injustices.

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Avg Application Fee $0
Avg Cost of Tuition/Year $14400
Avg Yearly Cost of Living $12000
Estimated Other school expenses and fees $0
Estimated Total/Year $26400.00
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