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Canada allows Indian students to get their study permits quickly through an accelerated process called Student Direct Stream. Launched by Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada on 8 June 2018, SDS enables students to get their study permit within 20 days. Earlier than this, there was another program called Student Partners Program (SPP). SDS is more streamlined and has a wider choice of colleges and universities, also known as Designated learning institutions (DLIs), to which students can apply.

A study permit is an important piece of document that enables students to study in Canada. It is not a visa. A visitor visa or an electronic travel authorization (eTA) may be used to travel to Canada. Generally, IRCC issues a visitor visa or ETA with a study permit to the applicants.

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Eligibility Criteria for SDS

For Indian students to be eligible for the FastTrack student Direct stream, They must

  • apply from outside Canada
  • have an acceptance letter from a university or College (DLIs)
  • have proof that they have paid their tuition fee for the first year
  • Have a GIC certificate of CAN$10,000. GIC stands for Guaranteed Investment Certificate that helps the students in meeting their expenses once they reach Canada.
  • For students who apply to Quebec province, a Quebec Acceptance Certificate is also required.
  • Have passed the medical examination from a doctor approved by IRCC.
  • Have a police certificate that they don’t have any criminal case pending against them.
  • have Academic dements
  • Have IELTS test result of 6.0 or higher in module (reading, writing, speaking, and listening)
  • Depending on the individual case, other documents may also be required.

How to Apply for a study permit under SDS

An applicant can apply for a study permit online, but before applying, it is highly recommended that students consult with the visa experts of Pyramid to avoid any refusal. Every case is unique and must go through study visa experts because it may require additional documents.

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