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Working Opportunities in Australia

In the modern-era, many people from all over the globe prefer to settle down in countries like Australia because of strong economy and low unemployment rate. Australian Student Visa allows students to work for 40 hours per fortnight. The Australian job market is very competitive. Therefore, procuring a job depends upon various factors including qualification, knowledge and skills. This part time job is a way to earn some valuable money in order to cut the daily expenses and to adjust in foreign ambience. But before taking any decision, you should be quite aware of the rules and regulations to get a job in Australia. You can find jobs with the help of

  • Recruitment firms
  • Online job sites
  • Social media groups
  • Notice boards on campus, local supermarkets, malls etc.

How to apply for a Job?

In order to apply for a job, it is must to prepare well with your curriculum vitae and express your area of interest in it. Your application must clearly show your skills, qualification, personal attributes and employment history. Once you secure a job, you will have to provide your employer with your bank account details, tax file number and superannuation details.


An internship helps in gaining the hand-on experience in your field of study and also prepares you for corporate world. Internships can be paid or unpaid. It is useful as you can gain practical skills along with the valuable experience which increases the chances of getting full-time and part-time jobs. In fact, during internship one gets to develop a professional network which helps in getting future references.


If you are waiting for part time or full time jobs then volunteering can be the best way to gain some hand on experience for the timing. By volunteering, you can show your commitment and connection with the society.

Work Rights

Following are the work rights which are given to the international students on study visa.

  • Students are allowed to work for maximum 40 hours per fortnight

Job search for International students

Part time work opportunity helps students to earn money for their daily expenses. Job is basic necessity of every International Student during and after graduation. So, here we will discuss about the popular part time jobs for International Students in Australia:


You can find job in any retail store which includes selling goods like clothes, electronics, grocery, etc. to the customers. It could be a large department store or a small store.


Students can find part time work in cinemas, restaurants, hotels, bars, sporting venues and food stores etc.


Part time jobs are available at the administration offices, supermarkets, petrol stations and call centers.


You may be able to find job relevant to your field of study. For example: a medical student might get an opportunity to work part time assisting a doctor.

Following are the tips to find part time or full time job in Australia:

Search Online:

In Australia you can find many jobs online. But in order to grab these jobs, one should keep an eye on such search engines. Most of the big retail stores have an online application process where an applicant can submit his or her curriculum vitae. Students can also find jobs at their University/College campus with the help of the admin team.

Apply in personal:

The student can simply walk-in when they find any small retail or hospitality outlet. They can ask to the manager and ask if there is any job opportunity. If yes, then ask for expected work hours, pay rate, start date and any special requirements.


Students must make good connections with their teachers and connectors as it would open up doors to find job. In this way, they will explore more about work opportunities. Joining clubs and societies on campus is the best way of find a part-time job.

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