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Why MBA at Pyramid College

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Let’s get straight to business. Why should you choose an MBA program at Pyramid College of Business and Technology? And the answer is simple – jobs! The previous batch of MBA students at the college has all been placed at the average package of 5.4 lakh per annum, which is quite impressive considering the type of competition we have in jobs. And it is not the story of this year alone, every year the placement percentage of students at Pyramid College remains very high. Next, the learning and the ROI of studying MBA at Pyramid College is such that you won’t regret studying here.

The MBA experience that will last in your memory

To experience the quality of the MBA program at Pyramid college, you would need to be at the college. The curriculum is as per International standards which will provide you with enough exposure for a bright career anywhere. The teachers put emphasis on critical thinking and reasoning. You will sense their hidden aim to teach you stress management when you find yourself thrown in a variety of tasks and assignments. Further, you will learn to work in a team and the importance of collaboration. The teachers will encourage you to go with the flow and take on take on challenges of any kind that come across you. The best part is, you will learn how to approach a case and solve it. Also, the regular interaction with the business community that come to the college will help you understand the real market scenarios and their challenges and opportunities.

Classes, library, and lab facility

To understand the crux of the MBA, you need an ideal learning environment. Classes at Pyramid College are small where you will get personal attention from your class teachers. They will help you in bringing the best out of you. For your research, the college has a quality library that has hundreds of books which will help you in understanding the views of national and international authors of business and management. Also, the college is equipped with an excellent IT lab where you can do online research work.

A Ragging free environment

Ragging is strictly prohibited at pyramid college and is considered against the tradition of the college. You will find yourself at the safest place where you could put forward your ideas and views without any fear.


Pyramid College never fails to provide the right platform to deserving students. You can get up to 100% scholarship in the MBA if you have a proven academic record. The college also has a PMS scholarship program.

Placement cell

The placement cell at pyramid college is a team of dedicated professionals who are responsible for organising placements and industrial visits for tanning purposes. They will access your strengths and weaknesses and advise you for the same so that you could get your dream job.

At the end of the course, you will find yourself equipped with advanced skills such as general management, operational management, marketing, finance, HR, IMS and international management system. As an MBA graduate, you will be able to control your team across business disciplines. Last but not least, you will recognise your true worth when you come across brilliant job prospects.

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