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The UK or USA - Which is the best place to study?

While planning to study abroad, you will have to consider factors such as study program, duration, tuition fees, post-study work permit, etc. But before deciding on any of them, you will have to choose a study destination, since all other factors depend on it. While selecting a country, the first two names that could come in your mind be the UK and the USA, as English is widely spoken in both of them. Both counties have a robust Higher Education system, and several of their universities consistently rank high in world university rankings. Interestingly, in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2020, all the top ten positions are either taken by the UK or the USA.

The difference in the UK and the USA educational institutes

Higher Education in both countries is excellent as both of them have several renowned universities and vibrant student bodies. However, there are also some differences between them; American universities offer more flexibility and breadth in choosing subjects and typically allow two years to students before declaring Majors. In contrast, UK universities focus on the depth of the education field. They do not allow students to change their Majors in midway and limit students to select only the relevant subjects.

The difference in duration to complete the same degree

In the UK, an Undergraduate degree typically takes three years to complete, whereas, in the USA, it takes four years. It means a bachelor's degree in the UK may prove to be advantageous in terms of time and money; however, achieving a bachelor's in the USA can help you in reducing your burden, learning the subject matter thoroughly, and gaining more research opportunities.

The difference in the styles of teaching

In the UK, you may feel more involved while completing your degree. most of the universities follow the lecture-based style of education. Your study program may include seminars and tutorials, practical work, and workplace training. Your grades will typically be based on a single final exam. Whereas in the USA, most of the universities carry out assessments on a weekly or biweekly basis, plus give presentations, research projects, and writing projects to students. The aggregation of these assignments, assessments, and scores of final exams will make up your overall grade.

The difference in the admission processes

The UK educational institutes generally focus on student's academic performance. The decision to give you admission to an undergraduate course will typically be based on your performance in your 12-class result. For some streams such as law and medicine, you may have to clear related competitive exams. On the other hand, in the USA, the decision to give admission to you will generally be based on how admissions committees value your transcripts, your involvement in extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, and test scores.

The style of teaching or methodologies of their educational institutes may differ, but they have one common goal that is to make their students capable for a prosperous life. Whether you choose the UK or the USA, you can build a brilliant career in any of them.

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