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To study in a foreign College or University is the dream destination of many understudies. So, the journey to apply for admission in a foreign College can be very interesting. Getting admission in your favorite College may depends upon different factors as International Colleges not only consider the academic performance of the student, but also consider the involvement of student in extracurricular activities.

Here are the important things that can enhance the search to get admission in your dream College:

  1. International Colleges prefer not only academic scores of the students. Infact, participation in extracurricular activities is also considered during the admission process. Mention such activities in your resume, where you have active involvement. Avoid adding multiple activities where your contribution is negligible.
  2. Research more and more about your desired College as you will get enough guidance to improve your performance in the standardised test. Moreover, you will get many ideas for writing your essays as well as to improve grades.
  3. Your good score shows that you are a brilliant student with strong base. Always keep in mind, that your preferred course and grades will be shown at the top to the admission officers, while considering applications. If your current score is not good but past academic rank is good then it will be very difficult for you to explain the reason behind it. A good academic score represents the better achievement.
  4. Make a college list and shortlist the Colleges with the help of internet. Research about that Colleges and its specialities through FB pages or newsletter for getting regular updates. Get all about necessary updates of the requirements for getting admission in the dream colleges so that you can arrange essential documents to complete the admission process.
  5. Colleges usually held interviews that's too on-campus. So, prepare yourself days before the interview. Wear a professional dress instead of casual for the interview. Don't forget to send notes of thank you to your institution after interview.
  6. Writing your own essay is the best way to express yourself. Think twice before writing anything. Get advantage of the facility to convey the message of your real personality through words. Take help of your teachers to write an effective essay.

Dos and Don'ts

The Dos

  1. Get benefit of the opportunity to attend campus interviews.
  2. If interviewer invites you to ask any question, then do so. It will clear that you have enough knowledge about the institution.
  3. Avoid canned answers in describing the reason that why you are interested in that particular course.

The Don’ts

  1. Never offer 'donation' in exchange of the admission of your child as it is a form of 'bribe'.
  2. First impression is the last impression so don't sit comfortably with shoes off and feet on sofa.

Don't resist on one college to get higher education. Many International Colleges are looking for International students, so take a step towards your bright future with full knowledge. You can get seat in the your desired college by following these simple tips.

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