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Study Abroad Scholarships

Study Abroad Scholarships

Lack of financial resources is one of the significant hurdles that can put study abroad goals of the aspirant students to a halt. Most of the times, Indian students do not even have an idea that they can get a scholarship to study abroad. Several international universities and colleges across the world value deserving students and offer many types of scholarship programs. The kind of award that a student can get generally depends on the scholarship criteria set by the respective educational institute. Here is a list of some of the major categories under which students may get a scholarship to fulfil their study abroad dream.

Type of scholarships to study abroad

Merit-based Scholarship

Students who obtain a high score in their senior secondary schools may get a merit-based scholarship during admission in an international university or college. The award is not only based on Student’s grades but also other factors such as leadership roles, extracurricular activities, or performance in other exams such as GMAT, SAT, or any other entrance exam.

Student-specific Scholarships

International educational institutes award student-specific scholarships to students; such as international-student scholarship, non-traditional student scholarship, under-represented-population scholarship, etc. Indian students who are planning to study abroad may get International student scholarship on applying to a foreign education institute. In many cases, International students automatically get an international-student scholarship on admission; however, in some cases, they may have to apply for it.

Subject-specific Scholarships

Some universities or colleges offer subject-specific scholarships to motivate students to pursue a specific field of study. Generally, students at an advanced level of education receive these scholarships.

Need-based Scholarships

As its name implies, the main objective behind awarding this scholarship is to encourage those talented students who face financial constraints. Depending upon the institution’s policy, the need-based scholarship may cover a semester or full tuition fee along with living and book costs.

Destination-specific Scholarships

Some universities and colleges award scholarships to the students of some particular countries. It is generally offered to encourage the students of those specific countries.

Athletic Scholarships

Students who display their ability to excel in a specific field of sport may get an athletic scholarship. However, generally, the criteria are high.

How to search for a scholarship

It is advisable to students to explore the website of the university/college to which they are applying. It is not necessary that they would get the same categories that we have mentioned here; generally, the international educational institutes name their scholarships on their institution or person’s name, such as Ontario Trillium Scholarship, Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship, Humber International Entrance Scholarships, etc.

Get expert advice

If you are looking for a scholarship to fulfil your dream to study abroad, we advise you to visit any of our branches and consult with our study abroad consultants. Our experts have vast experience, and they will aid you for the same. Moreover, depending upon your academic record, they will help you in shortlisting the best universities or colleges.

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