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Study Abroad Guide for Parents

Study Abroad Guide for Parents

Sending your loved one abroad is the most courageous decision that you will make in your life. Indeed, it will also be the most important one. As a parent, your role will be the most crucial one; not only will you have to support your child financially but also emotionally. After all, it is the matter of their future, their exposure to the world, and their career prospects. And more than this, it is that investment which will lead your child to the path of success and prosperity. But, before sending your loved one abroad, it is imperative on your part that you collect the right information so that they do not face any hardship.

Decide the study program

Now you have decided that you will send your child abroad to study, the next step is to sit beside them and discuss what they want to be in life. Listen to their career goals. Be specific about your expectation from them but also at the same time, listen to their opinion. Take suggestions from family members, relatives, or friends whose children have already been studying abroad.

Research comprehensively

The next step is to decide where you want to send your child to pursue the study program. Check the benefits of sending your child to that country. Find out the growth opportunities that they could tap on after completing their study programs. After that, shortlist the universities or colleges which offer the course your child has agreed upon. Read about them and based on their merits and demerits further shorten the list. Do more research on the cities where these institutes are, explore their climate, transport system and nearness between the institute and other places. Then zero in on one or two institutes.

Calculate the expense

Now calculate the cost that you would have to bear if you choose one of them. Do not forget to consider costs such as food, accommodation, travel, medical insurance, social activities. Then out of them select the best option that comes under your budget.

Take the expert advice

You can also take the expert advice to make your life easier. For this matter, we are providing free counselling. Our experts take care of various aspects such as student’s academic record, interest, and financial capacity. Moreover, we know the latest trends in education and have maintained a database of various international universities and colleges and their study programs. Our experts can help you in locating the best education institute for your child. In addition to this, we can also help your child get the required bands in the IELTS exam, which is a necessary precondition to study abroad.

Safety first

Before sending your child abroad, make sure your child is medically fit. Although for most of the countries it is essential to go through a medical test, still we advise you to get your child examined beforehand for health issues such as dental, vision, allergies, or any other medical condition that they may experience abroad. Take your doctor’s advice.

Pre-departure guidance

Keep your child informed with the dos and don’ts of the destined country to avoid any legal issue. Do not forget to get them medical/travel insurance before they leave. Pack their necessary medicines along with the prescription of the doctor. Encourage them to eat only healthy food and do regular exercise. You should teach them how to prepare food and do the daily chores. Finally, advise them to stay in touch with you.

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