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Student Life in UK

Student Life in UK

The UK is one of the most preferred study destinations in the world, and it attracts about 270,000 new students every year. Many aspiring students who want to build their career in the UK want to know more about this incredibly fabulous place. They discuss what would it to be a student in the UK. They want to experience its culture, which has its roots in the rich history of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. They also want to taste the food that has the flavour of Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America and immerse in the never-sleeping cities of this beautiful country. Here is information on the factors that affect student life.


Study in the UK is an entirely different experience. The timetable of classes in the UK's educational institutes is not as strict as compared to in India. If a student fails to attend a lecture for some reason, then he can cover it in other branches. And for this UK educational institutes provide full support and information to them. There is comparatively less pressure on students. Students are given assignments which are usually based on their assessments, and they submit them online. Moreover, UK educational institutes give importance to extracurricular activities, and students are evaluated on this basis too.

Most of the universities and colleges in the UK hold orientation classes for the international students in which they are acquainted with the various facilities of the institution and local area. Many institutes celebrate events like "Fresher Week" which help them socialise with other students. In addition to this, most of the universities and colleges in the UK have their Student Unions / Student Societies to provide help to fellow students.

Though going to a new country and study may sound extremely exciting at first, some students feel homesick at the beginning of their studies which is normal. To overcome usually, they spend time with their new friends or explore nearby places.


The diversity of British culture reflects in its food, whether it is Indian, Asian, or Latin American, all kinds of food is readily available. Some of England's favourite foods are fish and chips (traditional), Pizza, Chinese stir-fry, Chicken tikka masala, Spaghetti Bolognese, Thai green curry, Roast dinner, Shepherd's pie, sweet and sour chicken and Indian curry. Though one can eat out, most Indian students prefer to make their food on their own to save money, which they utilise to pay their tuition fees or enjoy life in the UK.


There are plenty of options for international students in the UK such as halls of residence which are generally owned by universities, Private halls of residence, Private houses or flatshare, PG and more. The type of accommodation they choose largely depends upon the location and their monthly budget.


In the UK, International students can work part-time for 20 hours if they are studying in bachelors, masters or PHD level courses. International students who study in courses below degree level are allowed to work up to 10 hours a week. It gives them valuable experience and taste of the UK work culture. It also helps them to gain valuable exposure to their chosen field.


The UK is one of the best tourist destinations and offers plenty of options for International students for entertainment and leisure activities. From the city of London to the lavish fields of its countryside, the memories one collects during one's study program remains throughout their life. There are many places in the UK which are worth visiting. Some of them are Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Stone of Destiny, Thermae Bath Spa, Magna Carta, and Legoland Windsor.

How to apply to study in the UK?

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