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8 Reasons why you should choose a University to Study Abroad

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It is always very fascinating and delightful experience when students plan to study abroad. For most of them it means better education, skillset and lucrative job opportunity. However, the things may not materialise to reality. The major cause of that is due to lack of knowledge and guidance. Most of the time students follow the crowd blindly without giving serious thought to where and what to study.

Changing global scenarios and demand of higher skills are changing the selection criteria of job markets all around the world. The demand for highly educated and skilled professionals is bound to increase. Recruiters are giving their preference to university students over other institutions.

Students must give serious thought to type of institution they select while they plan to study abroad. If they have a chance they must go for a university.

Reasons to choose degree course and university for international students:

Better learning and research Environment

  • Universities are generally equipped with better information resources and big libraries then other institutes.
  • Highly qualified professors and lecturers with their better teaching methodologies provide the ideal learning environment to students.
  • Better access to technology can improve knowledge and skill set manifolds.

Leadership and personality development

  • Students from all around the world come and sit under one roof which help students in acquiring a better personality
  • Intellectual challenges that universities provide may increase student’s sense of reasoning and decision making capacity
  • Universities greatly emphasise on taking initiatives and help transfiguring into leaders.

A chance to build a professional network

  • Universities have students of various disciplines and it leads to a great opportunity to build a great professional network. Which may prove very beneficial in the long run.
  • These professional networks help in generating new ideas and may help in advancing their careers.
  • These networks may prove helpful in adversities.

Better job and PR opportunities

  • University students are more readily recognized by recruiters all around the world and have edge over students from other institutes.
  • Students with university degree have high visa success rate and they often get lucrative jobs.
  • Every country wants to retain the best minds and it is easier for students of universities to get permanent residence (PR).

There is no doubt that universities can help students shape their careers better but it is not the only condition to achieve dreams. Other important factor is what type of course is selected, a degree or diploma.

Students often have confusion in selecting a course type. Sometimes they even don’t know the difference between them. Both are certificate programs of different length. Generally degrees are granted by universities and colleges and diploma by colleges and other educational institutions. The key difference lies in the value they generate for international students which is discussed below.

High Visa Success rate

Students with degree in hand has high visa success rate. The degree courses are considered better than diploma. Embassies always give weightage to students with degree from a university. Degrees clearly win the perception battle. Moreover recruiters give more value to degrees these days.

Exposure to knowledge

Degrees usually take 3 to 4 years to complete on the other hand diplomas take 1 to 2 years. Naturally there is greater exposure to learning in degrees. Moreover, students get in-depth knowledge of fundamentals which makes them more skilled and job ready.

Difference in pay scale:

A Student with a degree in hand gets higher pay scale. Moreover there are more chances to get higher position in an organization. Diploma students may not have this edge.

More PR value:

Those students who opt for degree courses acquire better skill set than those who opt for diploma. Hence degree students drive more value and have better chance to get PR.

Students must take care of these aspects while planning to study abroad. By taking care of these things, they can significantly secure their career and future and fulfil their dreams. Pyramid eServices is providing its excellent services to students with high visa success rate. For solutions of your queries or doubts, please contact us. Our experts are always eager to listen and help you.

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