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Reasons to Study in Germany 2020

Thousands of Indian students go to Germany to take advantage of diverse opportunities in Germany for learning and research. In fact, due to the significant increase in the Indian students in Germany, India has jumped from 4th to 2nd rank from where international students are coming in Germany. India switched the ranks with Russia. Over 3,93,000 international students studied in Germany in the year 2019. The reasons why so many international students prefer to study in Germany are as follows.


German universities hold significant status throughout the world due to the considerable international contribution in research and innovation. Albert Einstein, Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, Robert Koch, Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard, Max Planck, and Harald Zur Hausen are some of the most prominent noble personalities from Germany who has contributed in the field of medicine and science. Moreover, German universities consistently rank among the best in the top international universities worldwide.

Quality Infrastructure

Most of the facilities at German universities and research institutes are well equipped and provide the optimal condition for learning and exploring ideas. There are many universities, universities of applied science, and colleges in Germany. some of the recommended institutes are IUBH, Gisma Business School, International School of Management, Munich Business School, EU Business School, SRH University, University of Applied Sciences Europe and BSBI.

Internationally Recognized Study Programs

There are around 2084 international study programs available in Germany specially designed to meet international standards. Thanks to Bologna reforms, due to which all students of bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD get internationally recognized degrees.

Low Tuition Cost

Contrary to the fact that international education is increasingly becoming expensive in other countries, the tuition fees at German public universities is very low or nil. Although there are additional costs that international students have to bear the cost of administration, enrolments, student support etc. it is recommended to check the university website to know the types of fees that you have to pay.

Courses in the English language

Even though Germany is a non-English speaking country, many world-class study programs in Germany are taught in the English language. It is a great advantage for international students who don’t know Germany. However, having an understanding of the German language is advantageous for international students because it enables them to talk to native people more conveniently.

Work Opportunities

One of the significant benefits of studying in Germany is that international students can work in Germany during their studies. In Germany, international students are allowed to work for 90 full working days or 180 half working days. Working while studying is a great way to get international exposure in Germany and knowing their work culture. Moreover, it comes handy during the job search after completing education.

Scholarship Opportunities

Germany recognizes the importance of best brains and to attract intelligent students many German organizations offer scholarships to international students DAAD Scholarship Programs, Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarships in Germany, DeutschlandStipendium National Scholarship, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarships in Germany for International Students are some of the most prestigious scholarship programs in Germany. Apart from these, many other scholarship programs are available for international students.

To study in Germany, you will need a German student visa. Some of the most important documents that will require to get your German student visa are your valid passport, proof of funds, proof of university acceptance, and academic records. You may need other documents to obtain a German study visa for which it is highly recommended that you meet our German study visa consultants. For this matter, you can visit any of our branches or call us at 92563-92563.

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