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How to Prepare to Study Abroad

The new year has begun, and it is a time for you to put everything together to realize your study abroad dream and then embark on a new journey to sow the seeds of success. The decision to study in a foreign country requires a lot of planning. Here are some important points that will help you in your preparations.

Determine Your Goals

Chances are you have already decided on the career goals. if not, then, first of all, you should contemplate your career options. Changing the field after six months or a year in a foreign country can turn out to be very expensive. Take advice from your elders or career consular. Or you can meet our overseas education experts to know about your study options and destinations based on your interest and financial capacity.

Choose your destination

After deciding on the degree or diploma course, the next step is to choose the study destination and the university or college where you will complete your education. Both the decisions, i.e., selecting a country and institute, are equally important. Studying in Canada, the UK, the USA, or Australia can open up immense opportunities for career growth. Research on whether the type of job opportunities that you would like to have are available in that country or not. Likewise, find out which universities and colleges are taking international students and what type of study and research opportunities they are offering. Do not forget to take note of their tuition fees as it may vary drastically.

Take an appointment with study abroad consultant

For a layman, it can be challenging to find all the information regarding the best study destinations and documents required to apply to an international university or college. It would be beneficial for you if you take the assistance of an experienced overseas education consultant.

For this matter, we recommend you to meet our overseas education experts and take guidance. We have been catering to the study abroad needs of the aspiring students for more than fifteen years now, and have sent students to all top study destinations around the world, such as Canada, the UK, the USA, Australia, Germany, and many others. Our study counselors assist aspiring students in shortlisting the right career paths and institutes based on the academic record, interest and financial capacity.

Submit Application

To study abroad, you will require an offer letter from the educational institute in which you wish to complete your degree or diploma. For this matter, you will have to submit your application with the documents asked by your chosen educational institute. For details on a specific college or university, please contact our visa experts.

Do you know?

Pyramid organizes study abroad fairs regularly in various cities in India, in which delegates from top universities and colleges participate and acquaint students with their study programs and application process as well as pre- and post-study work opportunities. Attending these education fairs is highly recommended, as in them, you can directly ask your specific questions from the delegates. Also, if you are lucky, you may get your offer letter on the spot!!! 

You can check the upcoming events here.

Complete your Visa requirements

A student visa is a crucial piece of document that you will need to fulfill your dream of studying abroad. The process of getting a student visa usually involves a lot of paperwork. Apart from a valid visa, you will need other documents to prove that you are a legitimate student. The documents that you will need typically include evidence of your financial capacity, tuition fees, IELTS or other English test report, your medical health report, and a letter explaining your intent to study abroad. Depending on your case, you may need other documents to receive your student visa.

Prepare to take off

Google about the destination before packing your stuff. Check the weather conditions of your destination and pack clothing accordingly. Your phone might not work in the new country so set some budget for your phone too. Open a bank account in your destination country. Not only it is a secure option but will also help you in tracking your expenses. Book your air ticket. If there is time for your session to start, you may get your air ticket at a cheaper rate.

The whole process demands careful execution to avoid delays or refusals. Again, it is recommended to you that you take advice from our experienced student visa consultant who will assist you throughout the process. In addition to this, we also assist students in availing scholarship, arranging education loans as well as we organize pre-departure sessions so that you do not face any difficulty after reaching your destination. To apply for your student visa, please visit any of our branches or call us at 92563-92563.

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