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How to Choose the right university to study in Canada

How to Choose the right university to study in Canada

So,you have decided that you will study in Canada and now there is a big question in front of you, i.e. How to select the right university in Canada? It is the exact question that bothers most of the abroad-going students. It is also one of the most crucial ones because the knowledge, skills, and experience that you would gain there will decide how you excel in your life. Canada has more than 96 universities that provide degrees, diplomas, and other programs to international students. Here are the key points that you should keep in mind while selecting one.

Search according to your chosen subject

The first step to narrow down the list of the universities is to search in accordance to your chosen subject. You must be very clear about what you want to do in your life. If you have not decided on your study program, then decide that first. After that shortlist the universities that offer your study programs.

Find out university’s academic reputation and facilities

No institute is perfect in all fields, and every institute shines in some areas. Now your job is to find the institutes that are well known for their contribution in the domain that you want to study. For this, you can take the help of the websites that rank universities. Some sites also rank universities according to subjects. For more reliable information, you may turn to social media platforms such as Facebook or dedicated university’s community page and try to communicate with the students who are already pursuing the study program. In addition to this, try to find other factors such as teacher-student ratio, employment rate, library, infrastructure and faculty reputation.

Check nearby Places

Next, while selecting an institute, you should also check the location of the institute. Make sure necessary facilities such as transport, accommodation and market are nearby so that you do not have to face difficulties during your study program.

Check Tuition and accommodation cost

The tuition fee of the course that you want to pursue may differ considerably from one university to another. Make sure you know about all tuition charges before taking admission. Moreover, do not forget to add your accommodation cost to your total study expenditure.

Search for Scholarships

Many Canadian institutes offer scholarships to international students. To know about them, you can contact them or explore it on their websites.

Search for Student Support Program

Further, find out that your selected universities provide international student support program. Generally, good institutes have an assistance program which includes orientation of the institute, transportation support, accommodation assistance, and other matters. Then out of them choose one or two and prepare yourself to apply for admission.

Take professional help

It is possible that you may not get the right information on the internet. Therefore, it is a good idea to take expert advice. For this matter, you can come to the Pyramid’s office and meet our study visa experts. The Pyramid is one of the oldest overseas study visas providers in India, and we have in-depth knowledge of hundreds of international universities and colleges and their study programs. Our study visa experts will help you in finding the best university and take care that you get admission and reach there without any hassle. For more information, please contact us or visit the nearest branch.

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