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How to Apply to Study in the USA

How to apply to Study in the USA

Most of the students who want to study in The USA require an f1 student visa to study there, which allows international students to complete their academic education from a recognized institute. the process of obtaining a us student visa requires careful planning and implementation as it involves a lot of paperwork. a well-prepared plan can minimize your hurdles which may come during the process. what you will require is the proper information. here we have split the whole process into five steps, which starts from selecting an institute and ends with your departure to this beautiful country. it is easy to follow and will provide you with adequate information. in addition to this, you will also come to know how pyramid eservices can help you in the whole process. here we go.

Discover Your Options

The first step to studying in the USA is to define your goals and priorities. You must be clear about what you want to be in your life and how studying in the US will benefit you. After that, you can start your research on US’ universities and colleges that meet your needs. While researching, make sure that the US institute that you would choose to study is SEVP certified because only SEVP certified institutes typically have the permission to host international students having M1 or F1 visas.

Arrange Financial Support

While researching, it would help if you keep your eye on the tuition fees as well because it can vary from institute to institute. Similarly, the cost of living also differs from one place to another in the USA. For a better estimate of your living cost, do not forget to include transportation, accommodation, shopping and entertainment expenditure of the city in which you want to study.

For this matter, you can also take the help of our experienced US visa counsellors who will assist you not only in finding the best institute which satisfies your career goals but also according to your financial aspect. In addition to this, if you need any financial assistance, they will guide you in receiving a study loan from a bank.

Get Approval For Studying

After selecting an institute, you will need to apply to the institute to get their approval to study there. For this, you will have to meet their application criteria. In the USA, usually, institutes have different eligibility requirements. You must apply carefully. A wrongly filled application can result in rejection. However, when you apply through Pyramid eServices, you will need not worry about it because we have been assisting students for this for more than fifteen years and our consultants are well aware of the US institute's requirements. Getting approval for you will not be an issue.

Apply for Your Student Visa

The process of applying for US student Visa includes an interview in which you will be asked relevant questions and about your intention to study in the USA. Here are some of the most important documents that you will require for your visa application.

  • your passport with a validity which must exceed six months more than the period of your intended stay
  • A copy of DS-160 (online Application - Non-immigrant)
  • Form I-20 sent by the institute
  • Interview appointment letter
  • Confirmation receipt of the payment of your visa fees
  • Proof of adequate funds with a bank statement (for at least three years)
  • Pay-slips (optional)
  • Academic certificates
  • The test result of English Proficiency (IELTS bands)

Each US student visa case is different, and it requires proper attention. Our experience makes us well-suited to handle all the issues that may arise when you apply for your US student visa. Plus, we remain in contact with the US embassy to track your application, and if any need arises, we assist you accordingly.

Prepare for Departure

The final step is to get information on the documents that you will need to carry with you for immigration compliance. It would be helpful if you familiarize yourselves with dos and don'ts of living there. Like stated above, when you apply through us, our expert counsellors will advise you for preparing yourself as well as for travelling and accommodation matters so that you have a wonderful time ahead.

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