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Germany a great destination

To begin with Germany offers a long list of wish fulfilment like World class education, a happening urban life surrounded by a beautiful countryside, and a warm culture with individuals from all over the world.

Assuming, your criteria is obtaining an education which is not only recognised globally, but gives you an opportunity to thereafter work and settle in 26 countries the list of which reads list the top countries of the world in various spheres of excellence like media, finance, commodities, automobiles and the more glamorous world of fashion.

Cities and countries, home to and teaming with the leading path breakers of their domains will always be an attractive reason to make a European country a top choice of dream destination for students.

Let’s take a look at some of the wish fulfilment points in detail:

Facts on Germany’s World class education

Germany can actually be considered to be the land of composers, thinkers & poets. Nonetheless: There are approximately 400 higher educational institutions of which 159 are Universities, out of these 159 Universities Germany has 59 ranked Universities most of the colleges and universities in Germany, offer programmes which have English as the medium of instruction. This is a major factor for German colleges and universities being high on the priority list for aspiring candidates.

Tuition fees

Comparatively, the programs offered in German colleges & universities cost less than programs offered in countries like Canada & USA. This is with a world-class education being imparted while you study in Germany. An approximation of cost break up for an aspiring student wanting to study in Germany would be as follows:

Expected Tuition fee per year for a Bachelor degree program approximately Euro 12000.00

Living expenses which are deposited in a blocked account (One time only) in India and paid out monthly to the student Euro 8700.00

Living costs vary but an estimated Euro 600 per month (Euro 7200 per year) which will include almost all the living costs can be taken as a yard stick

With a rounding of the figures, it is safe to say that the cost for the first year of studies would cost the candidate Euro 20000 (Approximately INR 17,00,000).

As compared with the tuition fee in Canada which is an average of CAD 25000 (INR 15,00,0000) added to this is the cost of living Approximately CAD 12,500 ( INR 7,50,000).

The maths is clear and simple, it cheaper to study in Germany and the level of education is at par if not better.

You’ve completed your degree.... now what ?

Rest assured with the size of the German economy there will always be opportunities for foreign graduates. The advantage Germany holds over other European countries is its economic spread which actually means that there are more than a few hubs of economic activity, cities like Frankfurt for financial industry, Hamburg for the media industry ,Stuttgart and Munich for the automobile industry and various other industrial centers offer a steady flow of job opportunities to a willing and able individual.

It is advisable to learn the language to a workable degree as this could prove to be a pre-requisite for an entry level job. There are always exceptions to this requirement such as IT & ITES companies or a cosmopolitan start ups and companies in cities like Berlin.

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