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Career Planning: for better education and work opportunities in Germany for Students

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Quality education and career prospects are the major factors that influences the decision of international students when they plan their career. And it is no secret why they are constantly heading towards Germany for better education and opportunities. Apart from that low education cost is attracting them to this land of opportunities.

German education institutions are providing courses in various fields including courses on the German labour market. Moreover, it is easier to get residence permit to work in Germany. There are lots of education and work opportunities in Germany for Students However, there are some requirements that one must fulfil before applying which are discussed below.

Legal requirements for education in Germany

Students from the European Union and the European Economic Area has unlimited access to the German labour market.

Students from other countries may extend their residence permit after graduation. The maximum limit is up to 18 months which starts from the day one receives his exam result. And they must cover the living cost for this period. Other requirement is that they must find job relevant to their qualification. The residence permit is issued after the successful attainment of a job.

Students from non-European with high qualification and enough salary from their employment may apply for EU Blue card. It gives access to them to live and work in Germany.

After education work Opportunities for students in Germany

  • There are career centres at German education institutions which help students in the smooth transaction from higher education to employment. These centres are also equipped with good job exchanges.
  • Students need not to precisely match their degrees and what they are looking for. One can apply for a job in other relevant areas. There is no shortage of job opportunities for skilled professionals.
  • Approximately 60 percent jobs are available in small and medium sized companies, so one cannot neglect that and it is highly recommended to students that they go for these companies because the scope is unlimited.
  • According to the Cologne Institute for Economic Research there is high demand for STEM professionals i.e. professionals from science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It is easier to find jobs in these industries.
  • There are work placements which help students in getting part time jobs in Germany while they are still studying. It gives them fairly good idea of type of job that they want to pursue after the completion of their course.
  • The Agentur für Arbeit (Federal Employment Agency) also provides good amount of helpful information for students who want to study abroad and find jobs in Germany. Moreover, other job search portals and papers may come handy in finding the right job.

Germany has immense potential and work opportunities as there is high demand for professionals. Knowledge of German language significantly improves the chances of getting job. Major international companies require excellent command in English language.

Although it takes time and effort in planning career but with German education, skills and job opportunities one can easily attain their dreams.

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