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The government has allowed international students to do part time job in order to earn some extra cash required to look after day to day expenses such as travelling, rent, food, etc.,. But is it easy to combine part time job with studies and still have easy and quality lifestyle? Whilst it is important for students to do part time job as it improves employability as well as their bank balance, but it becomes difficult to adjust in such a hectic schedule. This is the most common question asked by students online, whether he/she will be able to handle studies and job at the same time being abroad? Although it's a difficult task as you are not habitual of it, but many students have proved it possible. So here we will discuss about the top secrets which will help and guide you on how to balance study and job being an international student.

Things you should do

  • Do not work during your exam days. As exam time can be stressful, therefore doing part time job can be a bad idea.
  • Always have some time to relax after work. If you are performing late night shift, then you will need some extra motivation to get up early next morning in order to attend 9am lecture.
  • Always keep a record of your part time job as it will be beneficial while creating your resume. This record could also be used for national insurance and tax purposes.
  • Always remember that you are enrolled for a course of study, therefore studies should always be your priority. And poor performance in exams, submitting work late can affect your degree.

Importance of balance between work and study

It is very important to have balance life if you want to see yourself successful being in abroad. Being a full time student, you will have 168 hours per week out of which your study load would take 30-40 hours and along with this you will also need some time to sleep, travel and eat.

As per research it is found that students doing part time job for 15 hours a week can easily manage their study along with work. But your studies may suffer if you work more than this.

Importance of time management

If you are a full time undergraduate student then it is recommended for you not to work more than 14-15 hours per week. In fact, the universities does not employee full time students for more than 9 hours a week. And also recommends the postgraduate research students to apply for jobs outside the university.

Tips to keep everything on track

  • Keep a calendar and plan your time for study, work, exam dates, etc.
  • Pre plan what you have to do in the coming week and also mark the time required to spend on it.
  • Always leave some time in case things doesn't go as planned. You need to be easy going as assignment can take more than to get completed, bus may be delayed, etc.,.
  • Give yourself an hour at night daily, which could be utilized for completing homework or a quick revision of what is taught in the lecture.
  • Challenge yourself with something new every week which gives you self satisfaction. Because it is not only about study and work, but also about living a peaceful life.

What not to do

  • You should never work during your lectures. If you will keep missing your lectures, it will affect you in long run with poor academic performance.
  • Say "no" to your employer if he/she asks you to work for extra hours.
  • Don't hesitate to tell your employer if you are unable to work as illness can affect your studies as well.
  • Discuss about your lecture timings with your employer in advance.
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