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Career in Hotel Management & Catering Technology

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Hotel Management & Catering Technology is one of the fastest growing sectors not only in India but in the world today. The sector encompasses hotels, motels, malls, airlines, restaurants, travel and tourism, food services, luxury services and other related fields. In the Indian context, as per the IBEF, the trust established by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, GOI, international tourist arrivals in India are expected to touch 30.5 million by 2028. Moreover. it is expected that its contribution to the GDP will double by then, clearly indicating the immense growth opportunities present for students in this sector.

The sector offers a wide range of job profiles to candidates such as hotel managers, assistant managers, front office manager, executive chefs, stewards, food and beverage manager, restaurant and food service managers, banquet managers, executive housekeeper, floor supervisors, and other related profile. However, to land in the top and middle-level industry jobs, students must have a relevant degree in that field.

A career in Hotel Management & Catering Technology can be challenging and demanding and requires systematic skill development and training, which makes it crucial for students to choose the right college and course.

Why Choose Pyramid College for a career in HMCT

The number one reason is job placements. Last year more than 96% of students of Pyramid College got placed in the industry. It is because Pyramid College is quite aware of the requirements of the industry and prepares students in accordance with it. Instead of bookish knowledge, the focus of teaching remains on the practical aspects such as understanding the role of time management, anticipating the client’s needs, and delivering as per expectations. Students learn about the right attitude, intuitive skills, and team spirit. Moreover, the college transforms the students into pleasing personalities, which is very much required in the industry. The most significant industry related courses that Pyramid college offers are

Bachelors in Hotel Management & Catering Technology (BHMCT)

At Pyramid College, students can pursue the BHMCT course after completing their 12th class. It is a 4 years degree course that covers food production, housekeeping, professional ethics, accommodation operations, front office, computers & MIS, management, HR, hotel accountancy, French language, and other related subjects.

Bachelors in Travel & Tourism Management

This is another rewarding course which focuses on the overall development and personality of students. They learn industry related subjects such as operations, tourism, food and beverages, airlines, housekeeping, and travel management. The duration of the course is 4 years.

Bachelors of Vocational Studies in Culinary Management

The culinary management course is a 3-year program which leads to multiple paths. Students learn about international cuisine and related subjects. The course is skill oriented and makes student job ready.

Industrial Training

Practical skills require practical training, and the college fulfils this essential component by assisting the students in acquiring training at various distinguished hotels and resorts where students participate in all departments as per their general rotation program.

These courses will create a deeper understanding of the nature of the work involved, which revolves around food, people, and travel. Students will be able to tap the lucrative job opportunities even at the international level in countries such as Canada, Australia, UK, USA, Singapore, and more.

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