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Canada allows students to travel to Canada with conditions

On October 2 Canada’s immigration minister Marco Mendicino issued a press release given Canada study aspirants a reason to celebrate. The wait for travelling to Canada is finally going to be over! It is mentioned in the press release that Effective October 20, international students enrolled at a Canadian designated learning institution will be able to enter Canada, provided that their institutions have a COVID-19 readiness plan.

“Starting in late October, international students attending a designated learning institution that has been identified by their provincial or territorial government as having a COVID‑19 readiness plan will also be able to enter Canada.” - tweeted Marco Mendicino

COVID-19 Readiness Plan for institutions

To reopen for international students, Canadian universities and colleges must have a readiness plan approved by their province or territory. The readiness plan must explain

  1. How they will protect the health of international students and surrounding communities to keep them safe from Covid-19.
  2. How they will inform international students about their health and travel needs before moving to Canada.
  3. How they will help students with their quarantine plan, including transportation to quarantine location, necessary items like food and medication
  4. Health insurance and remaining fit in Canada

Similarly, international students eligible to travel to Canada must follow the prescribed conditions.

Conditions for international students

  1. International students should have the necessary approval before they travel to Canada
  2. On reaching Canada, they must quarantine for 14-days

14 days quarantine plan includes

  • a place to stay
  • how you’ll get to your destination
  • get your groceries
  • access essential services and medical care

Students must follow quarantine conditions. Students failing to do so may initially attract fines of up to $ 1000 and later may have to face more drastic action.

If the student does not address the non-compliance, then he/she maybe

  • Fined up to $750,000
  • Penalized to spend six months in jail
  • removed from Canada and banned from entering for one year

According to the press release, following the change in the travel restrictions, all the international students will be able to enter Canada regardless of whether they have applied before March 18.

The press release also mentioned that with this amendment, the spouse, common-law partner, or dependent of an international student might travel with them if they have a non-optional or non-discretionary reason. However, they will also be subject to all public health measures, including the mandatory 14-day quarantine period upon arrival in Canada.

The list of designated learning institutions approved to reopen for international students will be available on Canada’s official website.

This new update is great news for all Canadian study candidates, whether they have already enrolled in a Canadian university or college or wish to enroll in an upcoming intake. If you are planning to study in Canada, visit the Pyramid’s nearest branch as soon as possible because the seats are filling up fast. You can also call us at 92563-92563.

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