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Best Countries to Study Abroad in 2020

Crossing countries and oceans, thousands of Indian students go abroad to gain the best education and to explore career opportunities. They wish to experience the world with their own eyes and make new friends. Worthy and potentially fruitful research and well-paying job opportunities, as well as opportunities to settle, are some of the key factors that students consider while choosing their study destination. Here is a list of some of the most popular study destinations for students.

Top countries to study abroad for Indian students in 2020


Canada has been the most preferred study destination for Indian students for the last five years. Around 107000 students enrolled in 2018, which was 24430 more than its previous year, and it is believed that about 120000 have studied in 2019. The country is a hit among the Indian students because of affordable tuition fees, pre- and post-study work opportunities. The country is immigration friendly and provides additional Express Entry points to international students who study in Canada. The country is safe, culturally diverse, and perfect for living.


The recent changes in the post-study work permit policy of the UK have again put this country in the limelight. Now, after completing their degrees, international students can work up to two years and gain valuable experience. UK’s universities consistently rank among the top, and currently, there are whooping 84 of them in QS world universities ranking, which is a remarkable achievement for a country. It is also a great place to improve English.


Australia has an impressive reputation worldwide in Higher Education. Australian institutions rank top in a wide range of study areas which includes Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Clinical, Pre-Clinical & Health, Arts & Humanities, Engineering & Technology, and Social Sciences. Around 38,000 Indian students studied in Australia in the year 2019, which is 23.93% more than the year 2018. Depending on their qualification, International students can get 2 to 4 years of PSWP in Australia. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, and Adelaide are some of the best student cities.

For this matter, we recommend you to meet our overseas education experts and take guidance. We have been catering to the study abroad needs of the aspiring students for more than fifteen years now, and have sent students to all top study destinations around the world, such as Canada, the UK, the USA, Australia, Germany, and many others. Our study counselors assist aspiring students in shortlisting the right career paths and institutes based on the academic record, interest and financial capacity.


The USA continues to be one of the top study destinations for international students. Princeton University, Harvard University, Columbia University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Yale University, Stanford University, and several others consistently rank among the best in the world. One of the strongest areas of USA institutes is cultural diversity. Students from all around the world go there to study. Around 2,02,014 Indian students completed their studies in 2019 as per the open data report.


World-class education, very low tuition fees, and opportunities to get exposure in German industries attract thousands of international students every year in this beautiful country. After completing education, international students may get up to 18 months PSWP and has the option to extend it.

There are many other destinations, like New Zealand, Singapore, Dubai, etc., where Indian students study. If you wish to study at one of these or any other country, you can visit Pyramid eServices to get your student visa. To obtain information on this matter, please visit any of our branches or call us at 92563-92563.

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