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Australian Education System

Australia provides a wide range of study options to International Students with more than 1,100 education institutes and 22,000 programs. Australia's Universities and Colleges have been ranked high in terms of student satisfaction, job opportunities, standards of living, etc. Melbourne and Sydney have world’s top ranking institutes such as The University of Sydney, The University of Melbourne, RMIT University, Monash University and many more. Australia has total 39 Universities out of which 37 are government funded public universities and other 2 are private Universities. Students have the option to attend bachelor degrees, postgraduate programs, certificates, doctoral programs, etc.

Tuition Fees

Australia provides globally acknowledged degrees and high standards of living. Compared to other countries like The United states and The United Kingdom, Australia is the best place for International Students in terms of living expenses, affordability and tuition fees.

Post-Secondary Education

International Students can apply to different levels of Education such as Vocational Education, Training, English Language Courses, Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs. If you want to pursue your higher education in Australia then you can choose from bachelor, master and doctoral degrees. In University you will have to attend large group lectures or small group tutorials.

Vocational Education and Training

Australian VET, i.e. Vocational Education and Training qualification can open your doors to enter the workforce or university. There are numerous VET programs such as business services, information technology, art and media, child care, tourism and hospitality, transport and logistics, mining, construction, etc.

Academic Year

The Australian academic year begins in the end of January or in the early days of February whereas vocational education training starts at the end of February or in the beginning of March. Most of the universities and colleges have four terms or semesters while vocational institutes have two semesters. All the education institutes conduct exams at the end of each semester and gives a long summer break from November or December till February.

Advantages of studying in Australia

Followed by UK and US, Australia has the highest number of International Students. It's eight Universities are among top 100 Institutes of the world. Australia has a smart and progressive, highly educated civilization with an eagerness for facts, information and skills. The main reason for International Students in choosing Australia as a study destination is because of its gregarious, companionable, high standards of living, excellent education system and cultural diversity. One of the most attractive feature of the country for International Students is the standards of scientific research which makes it a hot education spot.

Worldwide Acknowledges Degrees

The degrees obtained from Australian Universities and Colleges are globally recognized. Due to the majestic reputation of the Australian Education System, the graduates from Universities or Colleges of this country are highly in demand. Therefore, the graduates can successfully find jobs throughout the world.

Cost of living

Though Australia’s quality of living is highest in the world, but still its living expenses and cost of tuition fee is significantly lower than in the United States and United Kingdom. International Students are granted for part time jobs while they study, which allows them to counterbalance their living expenses. Also, there are scholarship chances which help to lower the cost of tuition fee for International Students.

Numerous study programs in Australia

Australian educational institutes provide number of study programs of almost all the disciplines. So, students have the choice to choose the right course for them. They have the options between Colleges, Universities, English speaking training and Vocational Education.

Leading technology in Australia’s Universities

International Students in Australia provide high quality scientific research programs. So, students can take benefits from the country’s splendid technology resources.

Work in Australia

The International Students in Australia are granted to work for 20 hours per week during studies. They can work for 40 hours per week during semester breaks. This is a great opportunity for them to earn some valuable Australian Dollars and balance their daily living expenses during their stay.

Benefits of Enrolling in an Australian Professional Year Program

The Professional Year Program (PYP) offers the practical job skills and relevant practical training to the particular International Students so that they can enhance their career expectations. The length of the Professional Year Program is 12 months and are available in the fields of computer science, engineering and accounting where the requirements of skilled graduates is high. These programs are specially designed for students who wish to apply for Permanent Residency in Australia. They allow students to develop certain skills through study and work experience, and prepare them for professional careers in the Australian human resource.

1. You Get Internship Opportunities

Many International Students after graduating from an Australian University or College fails to acquire a reputable job of their own field. But Professional Year Programs make it less difficult as they open several pathways for International Students. There are many institutes in Australia that provide unpaid internships for students under PYP. There are many companies which hire employes after the completion of these internships. Moreover, it helps applicants by providing an opportunity to develop networks with industry representatives.

2. Graduates Get Extra 5 Points while Applying for PR Application

After the successful completion of Professional Year Program, International Students applying for permanent residency get extra 5 points. If you are looking forward to settle in Australia than Professional Year Program is the best option for you.

3. It Develops your Network with Industry Representatives

The Professional Year Program provides an opportunity to experience internship programs where you get to meet industry representatives and many other people of same field and goals. It helps to expand your professional and social circle. Taking part in workshops and seminars allows you to meet plenty of successful professionals in your own field.

4. It Helps you to get Familiar with the Work Environment of Australia

Enrolling in Professional Year Program helps to understand the basics of Australian workplace practices and culture, ethnic, professional code, etc. You will get to obtain a valuable work experience whilst doing internship. This will be helpful in understanding and enhancing professional skills in your field of study.

Top Reasons to Study STEM in Australia

STEM stands for Science, technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM is all about acquiring ability to learn Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and how it is used to achieve an end result. In Australia, 15 percent of the population have STEM qualification. The AIIA i.e. Australian Information Industry Association states that technology would completely transform economy, society and environment of Australia. There is high demand of STEM graduates in Australian industries.

Following are the reasons why you should pursue a degree in STEM:

1. Increases the Job Opportunities

STEM word is used for the human resources and economy describing trained jobs and competencies. The STEM graduates have high chances of job opportunities which give them higher profitability. They can get jobs in all industries including areas like fine arts, business, liberal arts and social sciences. It also provides them problem solving and critical thinking skills which are not only required in technical fields but in all other industries as well.

2. STEM Degrees Lead to More Innovation

STEM education is important as it makes people innovative, creative and productive in all their attempts. The other benefit of STEM education is it encourages students to ask questions, develop critical thinking skills, learn from hands-on experience, strengthen research skills and learn good communication skills. Innovation often comes out when STEM disciplines connect to other disciplines. For example, in CORI program both science and reading enhances conceptual knowledge.These days almost of the policy makers and educators are found buzzing about the value of a STEM degree. People graduating with STEM degree have better job opportunities with higher pay. Many people believe that graduating with this degree leads to more innovation and economic growth.

3. Builds Determination Capabilities

It gives students the freedom of critical, creative and innovative thinking. They are given an opportunity to fail and try again in a safe environment. They understand the value of failure as they get an opportunity to learn and accept the mistakes. It helps them to make certain goals and work hard to achieve their objectives.

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