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How to Apply for Study Visa for Sweden

Sweden Study Visa Process

Students from outside the EU (European Union) must apply for a Swedish Study Visa to avoid any problems during their study period. Student Visa depends upon the time or duration of the course. A student who is interested in Swedish Study Visa must contact the Swedish Consulate office or Embassy. To apply, the student must be financially strong and academically eligible. To start the procedure, students need to register in any of the colleges or Universities of Sweden. Once the student receives the Offer Letter, then he can start the further procedure. The students who have received the Offer Letter should apply for a Study Visa as soon as possible because there is a rush of Student Visa applications before the autumn semester. Following are the steps to apply for Swedish Student Visa:

  • Confirm admission to a Swedish University by receiving the Offer Letter
  • Prepare the document file as per the checklist.
  • Confirm the Health Insurance.
  • Fill the online form for the Residence Permit Application
  • Upload the documents and apply.
  • The Embassy would send the confirmation.
  • Students need to submit biometric information and photograph at the nearest Embassy on receiving email.
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Work while Study in Sweden

Earn while Studying

Due to day-to-day expenses, a part-time job has become the necessity of students studying abroad. Therefore, international students can work while pursuing the education from Sweden. To get part-time work permission, it is mandatory to complete 40 hours per week attending lectures, reading, working on assignments, etc. Many career cells, job engines, check bulletin boards at Universities in Sweden where International Students can get help in finding appropriate part-time jobs. Often public libraries list out jobs which International Students can apply for.

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