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Settle in Canada after study

Canadian Study Visa

Almost every student, who is applying student visa of Canada, has a dream to settle there for better future. But it is not possible for everyone because of the various eligibility criteria for settling in Canada after study. Those students who cannot fulfill the required conditions, have to go back to their country after the completion of the course.

Settle in Canada after study is not very difficult if you fulfil all the requirements. The Canadian government gives approval to PR of the students, who have successfully completed their study and work permit in Canada. A number of Indian students are currently studying at Canadian Universities and Colleges for their better future. For PR purposes, study must be regular or job experience must be genuine. Part time job experience is not considered in the PR points. So, if any student is planning to apply PR in Canada, then knowledge of Express Entry System is must.

Language Proficiency factor is most considerable factor while applying for PR. Student should choose relevant course and College carefully, because degree has more points in PR than the certificate courses. Never choose the Co-op programs, which offer study with the practical work experience, because the IRCC doesn’t accept work experience of co-op while applying for PR. If a person successfully spend a couple of years in Canada on PR base, then he can apply for citizenship of Canada. Being a citizen, he would be able to vote or to apply for any government job like other citizens of the Canada.

Settle in Canada after study


Requirements for settle in canada
  • A student must have completed his study from well-recognized University or College of Canada. Study proof is also must.
  • Proficiency in language like English/French is must.
  • Select study course as per rules of NOC (National Occupational Classification) of Canada.
  • Student must have valid work experience.

Benefits of settle in Canada

  • Students can get the Health care and other social benefits.
  • Students can live or work anywhere in Canada like other Canadian residents.
  • Students get protection under Canadian law and the Canadian charter of rights and freedom.
  • Students can sponsor their family or relatives to join them in Canada.
  • Students spouse can get a work permit in Canada.
  • Students can go outside of Canada and need only PR card to re-enter in the country.
Benefits of settle in Canada
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