Post Study Work Permit (PSWP)

Study in Canada is the dream of many international students. International students are interested in Canadian Colleges and Universities than other international Universities as Canadian Colleges and Universities provide the higher education at low cost and less requirements. Moreover, Canadian degree has the same value as degree from the United States. Secondly, Canadian government offers student visa to the students, who want to go Canada for further study. Students get chance to work while study in Canada. After completion of the course, the students get some work permit only if the minimum duration of the course is 8 months.

A post study work permit is a way to earn Canadian job experience with good income. Students can work while studying but this part time experience is not considerable while applying for PR. The students can work full time under this program after the successful completion of their course. A Post Study Work Permit is very much better than the work permit. Students can work freely with any firm, company and organization in Post Study Work Permit Program. It mainly depends on the duration of the academic course. If the student visa of is about two years, then the student will get the work permit just of the same duration of the study visa.

This program helps you to gain foreign experience in the new environment. Generally, nobody wants to go back to their country for job after having foreign degree. Therefore, students apply work permit for earning, after completing their course. Students can also earn while study, but for PR purpose, a student must have valid full time job experience. For Post Study Work Permit, student must have completed academic course or degree and completion of the degree proof is required for this program. The work permit must be applied within 90 days after the course completion.



pswp requirements
  • Candidate must have a completion proof of minimum 8 month course, in a well-recognized College or University in Canada for getting Post Study Work Permit.
  • The age of the candidate should be 18 or above, at the time of applying post study work permit.
  • Students must have a valid study permit before applying for the post study work permit.
  • Students should apply within 90 days of the completion of the course with proper proofs that they are eligible for getting a degree or certificate.
  • The duration of post study, work permit must be between 8 months to three years.
  • If the full time course duration is less than 8 months, students are not eligible for the Post Study Work Permit Program.
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