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Who we are

Pyramid eServices is proud to be one of the fastest growing Educational Consultancy across India and has crossed the borders to extend its services in Canada as well. We embarked on this Journey almost 14 years ago with the sheer motive to materialize students dreams, who aspire to study overseas. As assets, we possess proficient staff to extend myriad services beginning from streamlined admission process, expert visa guidance and career counselling pertinent to student profile. Not only this we also share great association with top notch Colleges and Universities across the globe. For years, candidates have shown their confidence and trust in our services and we promise to deliver the best in future.

Our Mission

To provide the most transparent, honest and efficient services network to prospective students with each team member striving towards this goal. You as a student are the most important entity at all the Pyramid eServices offices and there is a tireless effort to help you achieve what you have dreamt of in terms of your overseas educational aspirations. So when you choose Pyramid eServices you don’t choose an agency, you actually choose to become an invaluable member of a compassionate and supportive team of individuals who are always there to help you. You become a part of the Pyramid eServices family and your success becomes our success. That is the reason we strive so hard for you to reach your goals because each achievement builds a strong ladder of achievements which helps us all touch the pinnacle of success and reach for the sky.

We provide you information, guidance and expert assistance in your complete application process, which makes your transaction much easier from one country to another.

Our Vision

By 2019, we plan to be Pan India Market Leaders in Overseas Education and IELTS/Spoken English Training anchored on the values of growth, dignity, transparency and diversity. We have 11 Branches in India that Include 8 Branches in North India and 2 in South with 1 branch in West India as well.

We plan to expand our reach to all the other regions as well with our Digital expansion i.e. Mobile Application “My Foreign Study”.

Our success rest on the highly efficient, committed, dedicated and passionate team of Pyramidians who are working tirelessly to make our vision a reality.

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